The Retention Calculator
The most profitable stores are focused on getting repeat purchases through retention marketing. Use this calculator to evaluate your retention metrics!
We just need a few metrics from your store to perform our calculations. Please input values as an annual figure. If you have monthly data multiply it by 12 to get your annual estimate.
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${{previousAverageOrderValue | number: 0}}
Average Order Value
This shows you what the typical customer is spending at your store during each visit. You want this number to be as high as possible.
{{previousPurchaseFrequency | number: 2}}
Purchase Frequency
This is the average amount of purchases that a customer is making at your store during a given period of time. The higher the number the more often people are returning.
${{previousCustomerLifetimeValue | number: 0}}
Customer Lifetime Value
This shows you the value each new customer represents to your store. If you kept this customer for the entirety of their shopping life you would see this value. The higher the better.
Your Store with Sweet Tooth
A Sweet Tooth loyalty program helps increase customer retention and loyalty using points and rewards. Here is the increases you would see with our average results.
${{increaseAverageOrderValue | number: 0}}
${{averageOrderValue | number: 0}}
Average Order Value
{{increasePurchaseFrequency | number: 2}}
{{purchaseFrequency | number: 2}}
Purchase Frequency
${{increaseCustomerLifetimeValue | number: 0}}
${{customerLifetimeValue | number: 0}}
Customer Lifetime Value
Sweet Tooth increases the profitability of your existing customer base by encouraging more repeat purchases. Here is an estimate of the results and costs of starting a Sweet Tooth loyalty program.
${{revenue | number: 0}}
With Sweet Tooth
Sales Lift
${{salesLift | number:0}}
${{stCost + rewardCost | number: 0}}
${{stCost | number: 0}} + ${{rewardCost | number: 0}}
(cost of Sweet Tooth + cost of rewards)
{{returnMultiplier | number:0}}x
Return multiplier
Based on investment
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